13 Practical Advice for Parents of Gymnasts

13 Practical Advice for Parents of Gymnasts

There is a ton of knowledge tremendous be gained about competitiveness. Although some of the lessons you will learn will be specific to your club, most of them apply to parents of gymnasts in general.

Be Punctual

Gymnasts must be at practice sessions and competitions on time. They are also required to be in the gym on time. Your gymnast will miss out on warm-ups or instructional time if they consistently arrive late to practice.

Sometimes it’s challenging to get to practice on time due to the parent or school commitments. If this occurs, consult the gymnast’s coach to determine how your child may make up lost time.

Offer assistance

Every gymnast occasionally has a terrible day. You shouldn’t worry immediately if your gymnast complains about practice when she gets home.

Please encourage your child to persevere through the challenging times when they come home from the gym after having a poor day. Every child should understand the value of perseverance at a young age.

Keep Other Gyms to Yourself

Gymnasts and their parents enjoy competing. You might be taken aback when you receive your first gymnastics schedule to discover that there isn’t a specific time or date listed. It presumably says something more akin to Saturday/Sunday without a time.

Frequently, meet schedules aren’t made public until a week before the meet. No matter what is going on in your life, calling the hosting gym for times is not acceptable. It would help if you exercised patience and confidence in your gym’s ability to deliver the meet schedule as soon as feasible.

Female gymnasts wear hairstyles

Many adorable gymnastics hairstyles may be found on Pinterest, as you shall see. All you need to do is make sure that your daughter’s hair is held back in a way that will keep its place during the competition.

Before sending your daughter to practice, test out a hairstyle to be sure it will work. Her hair will look fantastic for a meet if it is still tidy and intact after practice.

It’s also a good idea to avoid embellishments like beautiful barrettes, gemstones, and other items that could come off during a meet. Although glitter is always an excellent idea, your daughter’s gym might have specific guidelines regarding how much glitter you can use. If in doubt, it’s advisable to refrain from using too much glitter.

Wear minimal makeup.

While you might be tempted to give your little gymnast some makeup, it’s not necessary, especially for young gymnasts. If you really can’t help yourself, wear very little makeup.

Believe Your Gymnast’s Trainers

You’ll want to intervene and save your gymnast when they cry, become agitated, or act defiantly on the floor, but you shouldn’t. Instead, you must remain in the spectator area and defer to the coach’s judgment while your gymnast is on the floor with their coach.

The coach of your child will get you if they need you. If not, they will resolve the problem independently, strengthening their bond.

Meeting fees are typically nonrefundable

The majority of the time, meet fees are not refundable. You most likely won’t get your money returned if your child or child-at-heart gets sick just before a meet.

Trim Your Toes and Fingers

The toes or fingers of your gymnast should not have nail paint visible to the judges. It would help if you told your gymnasts to remove their nail paint before any meeting to prevent deductions from the judges. Additionally, gymnasts are not permitted to wear any other jewellery besides one pair of stud earrings during competition.

Avoid going onto the playing field.

According to USAG sanctioned rules and safety certification policies, parents are not permitted to access the competitive floor during a gymnastics meet no matter what happens.

You may descend to the floor but shouldn’t enter the room if your child gets hurt while competing. Coaches are trained to deal with injuries and will see that your child receives the necessary medical care.

Fans are not permitted to boo.

Parents of gymnasts shout vociferously from the stands. Even though enthusiasm is acceptable, it’s crucial never to be disrespectful. Never taunt opposing teams or disparage gymnasts, other parents, or coaches.

Don’t Use Flash Photography

Before snapping pictures or recording movies at a meet, check your cameras and recording equipment. At a meet, flash photography is never permitted.

Don’t approach the judges in gymnastics

Discussing a particular event score with a judge is unacceptable if you don’t understand it. Speak to your gymnast’s coach instead. Coaches frequently describe what occurred throughout a routine and how a score was determined.

Fit and Care of Leotards

It’s crucial to purchase a Leo that fits her right away because leos need to do like a second skin! Refrain from buying a Leo she can grow into.
To keep their brand new, less should be hand cleaned and flat to dry.
Buy grips only if your kid or daughter needs them. Never alter the grip during a season of competition.
Learn more about preserving your leotards.