Gym Fitness Programs for Kids

Gym Fitness Programs for Kids

The YMCA is a place for kids to find many different fitness programs. When people think of fitness, they think of exercises such as running, jogging, and even swimming. What most people don’t even consider is a fitness programme like gymnastics. Gymnastics is very popular and kids can start as early as six months old. Some people think that this type of fitness programme is only for girls, but it is open to everyone. Some top athletes have done gymnastics as children or adults. It keeps the body limber and strong and promotes healthy bones.

Gymnastics for children aged five and under

There are four groups for gymnastics if you are five and under. There is a Parent n’Tot programme for six months to two years old; Tumble Tots for three-year-olds; Tumble Tricks for four-year-olds; and Tumble Twisters for five-year-olds. This type of fitness programme for kids starts when they are young and can continue into adulthood if they really enjoy what they are doing.

When a child turns six months old, they can easily start learning the basics of gymnastics. This early lesson is more about fun than anything else. As they grow and progress through the different classes, they begin to learn tumbling and other mat activities.

Girls and boys aged six or older do gymnastics.

In most locations, there is a class for girls aged six or older and one for boys. This fitness programme is for those who have exercised before or are just getting started. Children in these groups learn how to make more movements on the mats and then on the balancing bars. If a child does well in these classes, they can move on to the invite-only programmes when they have finished their routines.

Boys and girls will follow different programmes at this stage while learning different moves on the bars, mats, and other fitness equipment.

Gymnastics by invitation only

Invitational gymnastics is only for children who have excelled in gymnastics in previous years and who want to continue learning for more serious competitions. These two groups are called the hotshots and the starbursts. By then, the fitness programme becomes more challenging with hours of work and dedication.

Many children continue gymnastics well into early adulthood or transition to dance at school. Both programmes provide fitness and help keep the body healthy.

If your kids want to do something healthy or need some sort of fitness programme to keep them active, gymnastics is just one of the programmes they can participate in and maybe even enjoy into adulthood. It’s a programme that keeps them limber and helps build strong bones and muscles. During the fitness program, children should eat well and consume protein and other healthy foods on a daily basis. Not only does the YMCA offer these programs, but many cities have other fitness centres that can offer gymnastics for children.