Tips for Gymnastics Activities Safety

Tip 1: Ensure that mats are always dry and clean.

Students run the risk of slipping when mats are exposed to liquids. Use a sanitiser without bleach, such as Matt-Kleen Disinfectant, to clean carpets when the time comes. Rugs fade and lose their colour when exposed to bleach.

Tip 2: Strategically placemats all over your gym.

Mats may slip on a dusty gym floor, endangering your students. Use Velcro to connect several mats or prop them up against a wall for more static exercises. Investing in non-slip drawer liners to place beneath carpets is an additional choice.

Tip 3: Only remove mats when necessary.

Even little mats can cause your students to trip.

Tip 4: Use mats to keep activity areas safe.

Cover the entire area that the students are using when using panel mats. If you don’t have enough mats to cover your total gym, make sure mats are covering the areas where students are doing cartwheels or handstands.

Tip 5: When selecting the ideal mat, consider thickness, size, and length.

Ensure you have the right mat for each activity when organizing your class! Use a thick mat to protect your pupils’ heads when teaching head-first techniques. Basic jumps can be performed on smaller rugs. Look at these tumbling mats, each guaranteed by a strict 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee!

Tip 6: Mats and your focus are necessary for tumbling activities.

Avoid tumbling activities in your session if you don’t have suitable mats. You must keep an eye on your youngster, particularly when engaging in tumbling activities.

Tip 7: Only choose abilities you are confident with.

Perform the exercises you are confident in spotting to keep pupils safe. Reach out to your neighbourhood gymnastics club to acquire proper spotting techniques if you are uncomfortable with a skill.

Tip 8: Show pupils how to land

Students occasionally know how to start a skill but not how to finish it. Have your class practice landing on their feet.

Know your district’s safety procedures, tip #9.

Look into the procedures for your school district before beginning a tumbling subject in your class. If you abide by these safety recommendations, no injuries should happen. If there is an injury in your course, speak with the school nurse immediately.

Your pupils will enjoy the fun and excitement of the tumbling unit! Please share any extra safety advice or suggestions for tumbling activities with us in the comments below.